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Main activities

Direct supplies of industrial automation systems, power supply systems, computer equipment, printers and weighing, trade, medical, industrial, printing and climatic equipment

Provision of logistics services

Software development for automatization of process

Sales, integration and maintenance of licensed software

The main activity of the company is aimed at international trade with the Republic of Uzbekistan

Economy of Uzbekistan. Brief information.

GDP: USD 207.47 billion (2016, PPP, 61st)

Growth of GDP: 5.3% (2017)

Export: USD 14 billion (2017)
Export items: hydrocarbons, cotton fiber, energy carriers and petroleum products, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, food, machinery and equipment.

Import: USD 13 billion (2017)
Import items: machinery and equipment, food, chemicals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, energy and petroleum products.


Developing software for the automatization of production processes. Supplying software and equipment of Siemens AG (Germany), Schneider Companies.

Digital and analog controllers

Technologic processors

Communication blocks

Standard converters

Control and automation equipment

Frequency converters

Supplying power systems for network and server equipment.

Uninterruptible power supplies for personal computers, workstations, network devices, servers and computation centers

Diesel generator unit

Rechargeable batteries

Supplying electronic scales, components and accessoires.

Electronic scales of various types (trading, platform, counting, laboratory, warehouse, crane, scales for automobile and wagon in the weighing range from 1 mg up to 250 tons)

Сomponents of measuring systems (strain gauges, weight indicators) and other specialized weighing equipment.

Supplying equipment for automation of outlets.


Peripherals devices: cash drawers, customer displays, specialized programmable keypads, bar code scanners, check printers, merchant scales

Сard printer, thermal printer for thermal transfer printing of "Zebra" company

Supplying medical equipment and equipment for ultrasound surveys and functional diagnostics.

Electronic laboratory scales

Ultrasonic systems (US)

Ultrasonic ostheodensitometers

Hematological, biochemical analyzers

Computer radiography systems

Laser printers for medical images

Supplying industrial printing equipment.

Digital printing machines for professional printing: Xerox, Ricoh, Canon

Wide-format industrial printers: latex — HP Latex, Ricoh Latex; ultraviolet — HP Scitex, Canon Océ Colorado, Canon Océ Arizona

Wide-format systems: Graphtec — wide-format drawing and flatbed cutting plotters, wide-format scanners, Ricoh - large-format monochrome laser engineering MFIs and full-color engineering MFIs based on GEL-Jet technology

3D printers: 3D Systems ProJet, 3D Systems ProJet CJP, 3D Systems ProJet MJP.

Supplying printing equipment.

Peripheral devices

Office equipment

Components and consumables (magnetic vinyl, thermal transfer paper, toner cartridges)

Supplying climatic equipment and rendering of designing, installation and maintenance services for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Household and industrial air conditioning systems

Precision air conditioners for computer centers

Household and industrial fans and air-handling devices

Dehumidifiers of floor and channel execution

Air cleaners

Air distributing devices

Outsourcing of IT services for business structures.

Automation of enterprise management processes (ERP, BPM)

Development and integration of portal solutions (CRM, ECM)

Development of information databases

Accounting and financial accounting systems

Sale and integrating licensed software.

Antivirus products

DLP, activity monitoring and data protection devices

DBMS, backup

Proxy firewall, IPS/IDS; Office

Implementing complex business solutions in the field of IP telephony and video conferencing.

Video conferencing systems (VCS)

Hybrid and software IP-АТ

SIP-Telephones with audio and video support

Integration of equipment with information solutions of the company (CRM, ERP)



Data Protection Officer – Viktor Veksler (vexler.victor@gmail.com)

+998 90 370 92 72